sausage wagon
sausage wagon
Firsthand Foods’ (M)eat Local Box is a seasonal subscription program that provides home cooks with a monthly delivery of fresh, pasture-raised pork and beef sourced from a network of remarkable North Carolina farmers who raise their animals humanely outdoors without growth-promoting antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. Boxes are delivered to selected pick-up locations throughout the Triangle.
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(M)eat Local boxes include a mixture of fresh cuts adapted to the season with an emphasis on grilling cuts such as steaks in the summer and braising cuts like roasts in the winter.  You’ll enjoy familiar products like pork loin chops and flat iron steaks. And you’ll discover more novel items like pork shanks, hangar steaks and marrow bones. To meet your every day needs, frozen ground beef, sausages, and pasture-raised whole chickens are available as “add-ons” the week you pick up your box. Because they are sourced and sold locally, our meats are exceptionally fresh and contain no fillers, additives, nitrates or artificial colors.  

You can choose from a small box (3-5 lbs) or a large box (5-7 lbs).  Not sure what size is best?  Click HERE for more information about example cuts of meat inside a typical box.  


regular wagon stops

Click HERE to purchase your (M)eat Local Box.  You will be able to choose your preferred pick-up location and whether you want a small or large box.  We'll be at your chosen pick-up location on designated Fridays between 4PM - 6PM.  Remember to mark your calendar with your specific pick-up dates so you don’t forget!  We’ll send you an email reminder the week you pick up your box with information about the farmers who produced the meat, recipe ideas, and cooking tips.  

Enrollment for our Summer Box begins June 5 and ends one full week before delivery to your selected location begins.

Did you miss the chance to sign up for the current season?  Click HERE to get on our mailing list to receive information about future (M)eat Local Box subscription opportunities.  




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Firsthand Foods will be parked at the following locations on Fridays from 4PM - 6PM.

Chapel Hill 
Hogan’s Magnolia View Farm
9118 Old NC 86 Hwy
7/18, 8/15, and 9/12

East Durham
Firsthand Foods’ Warehouse
2210 East Pettigrew St.  
8/1, 8/29, and 9/26

South Durham
Sam’s Bottle Shop
1112 NC Hwy 54
7/11, 8/8, and 9/5

Wine Authorities
211 E. Franklin St.
7/25, 8/22, and 9/19



"My wife and I are avid home cooks and Firsthand Foods' meat box is one of our favorite local products.  The quality of the meat is impeccable, from bone-in chops and ribs that taste unlike any other pork you can buy, to unique cuts of beef and standard steaks, and fantastic prepared sausages like bratwurst and chorizo.  The meat box is a great value and we eagerly anticipate the surprise of what's inside each time we pick it up.  There hasn't been a single meal we've made with Firsthand's products that hasn't been a hit!  Highly recommended for home cooks in the Triangle area.”   --Ben B., Durham